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What We Do

We help you solve your information driven business challenges

Software Solution

IT-Service, SIA builds tailored IT software solutions to meet the high-demands from the Industry and Retail 4.0 hemisphere. Automated and cloud-backed with injections from the latest high-tech developments designed to supersede expectations.

Cyber Security

IT-Service, SIA cyber security solutions for includes multi-layered strategies imbibed with tailored critical infrastructure security and combined with high-level application and network security to meet the demands of a global enterprise.

Backup & Recovery

IT-Service, SIA designs systems using critical thinking mindset with built-in problem solving capabilities to help control, monitor, and administer files or projects backup and recovery through special state-of-the-art methods and tools.

About Us

Soar to new heights with the latest digital transformation

Innovative, scalable IT solutions that supports your company’s growth. With IT-Service, SIA, you get the promise of a mini revolution to transform and streamline your IT departments.

Why Choose Us?

IT-Service, SIA transforms your concepts into effective business models and procedures that solve real-world issues. Our knowledge in several domains, together with our technically skilled employees, can provide exactly what your company requires. Get started on your IT transformation, it takes just one second to contact us, but a second can change your business dynamics.

Pro Tips for IT Solution

When it comes to integrated technologies, nothing beats the design concepts from IT-Service, SIA. 

  • Turnkey solutions for hardware and software frameworks.
  • Scalability to expand the business growth potential.
  • Easy, customizable solutions to match specific industry requirements.
Industries we Served

Manage your industrial IT Solution with us

Proactive approaches with dependable solutions at the core, IT-Service, SIA guarantees your cloud-based IT environment is always kept up to date.

Banking Solution

IT-Service, SIA puts the highest importance on banking security, especially now that the world is shrinking and the global banking industry demands stricter security rules.

Business Software

With years of experience, IT-Service, SIA delivers SMART solutions that help clients expand and enhance their business services with a competitive edge.

Educational Institution

IT-Service, SIA is happy to partner with several educational institutions to provide top-notch technologically advanced educational management solutions using AI-integrations.

Medical & Health

Through mutual partnerships with several hospitals and medical facilities, IT-Service, SIA handles complex medical systems and traverses insurance and Medicare benefits. 

Case Studies

Browse through the different case studies to understand the latest research in IT development.

We helped over 200 organisations to keep the light

Be part of our success stories? Our design and implementation solutions gives you the competitive edge to match global environments. See what our clients say about us!

"I can't stop saying great things about IT-Service, SIA. They know their stuff and are extremely friendly and easy to work with. As a mid-size company, we rely on their expertise to keep our systems operational and our people focused on their jobs and not on maintaining the software."
Brie Adams
Cloverville Finances
"I was really impressed by the quality of services I received from IT-Service, SIA. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time. My business has increased exponentially because of the excellences in IT Solutions you provided."
Lawrence McGuire
"Amazing experience. As a teaching institute we needed a solution that would help upskill the methodologies in practice. What you suggested was not only within out budget, but engaging, allowing all the stakeholders from teachers and students to the faculty to train using AI helpers. Again, amazing."
Wilhelm Heinrich
SMB Institute of Advanced Management
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